Design and material are two important elements of a construction project. The quality material can make a significant difference in price, performance, and appearance.

The selection of the right material plays a crucial role in a construction project especially when you are working with a tight budget. The materials like common block work, timber frame and others are considered good fit for the construction of houses. However, ICF is also an appealing solution that offers excellent performance at an affordable price.

What is ICF?

ICF or insulated concrete formwork is one of the trending construction solutions, which offer superior performance on a budget. It involves two hollow foam blocks that are framed by steel rebar, which is used to design the exterior wall of a building.

Once the ICF system is installed in its place, then the concrete can be poured in between the hollow space of the blocks. It will form an extraordinary and strong insulation structure.

The ICF blocks come with interlocking sections, which keep the wall system together strongly. The entire process involves a few steps that make the construction a quick build system.

Why choose ICF?

The ICF construction solution offers a variety of benefits to the clients. It will not only reduce the construction time and effort, but it will also benefit you in some other ways as well.

Here we have mentioned the top benefits of ICF, you need to know.

  1. Thermal insulation:

The ICF blocks are well insulated, which eliminates the need for traditional thermal insulation. These blocks keep the heat in and cold out efficiently. So, it will help you in saving money on your energy bills every month.  It is also a cold bridge free construction

  1. Energy efficiency:

The thermal efficiency of ICF blocks benefits homeowners, who use fewer insulation materials for the construction and invest in fewer resources for maintaining the comfort later.

The ICF blocks make the construction easier and efficient as it is a lightweight design, which doesn’t require heavy equipment and labor. It will reduce the cost of construction and save you money in both ways.

  1. Structural integrity:

The walls in an ICF house are 150mm solid concrete, it doesn’t come much more stable than this .

The ICF blocks come with an interlocking system, which binds the full wall together.

Standard engineers’ drawings are available for regular wall heights and runs

  1. Acoustic insulation:

One of the best benefits of building a home with ICF is that it also offers significant acoustic insulation along with thermal insulation. It makes the ICF an ideal fit for not only the residential projects, where peace is a top priority, but also for commercial spaces, where soundproofing is a must like movie theaters, hotels, and event rooms as well.

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